8 januari 2017


If you understand the customer value process you are able to optimize customer value!

TheValueMade approach consists of the following main steps:

To get insight in the improvement potential ValueMade offers a ValueScan.

During the ValueScan (varying between a few days to two weeks) the complete organization is being analyzed. With a detailed look at the Business Processes, the Management Operating System and the Improvement potential. 

Customer Journey vs Business Processes

The focus is on how the Value Creation Process has been organized. Who is responsible for which part and which tools are being used during the process? The analysis are being held on multiple level. From the End-to-End processes to the individual subprocesses. Are the processes lean? And is the handover between the processes well organized? Is there a lot of waste in one or more processes (LeanSixSigma techniques are being used) and how is the work transfered over the people / departments? Are the right people on the right spot? And is the quality level sufficient to exceed customers expectations? All examples of analysis that are being held to secure finding all potential improvements.

Management Operating System

In the Management Operating System (MOS) analysis we check howe we measure how we add value. Starting with our Value Proposition we need to understand our strategy together with our longer and midterm goals. These goals are translated to the management and operational level. At all levels we are potentially able to organize the work in line with these goals. The MOS analysis shows if all levels have a properly designed Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle and whether the results are succesfully used for continuous improvement cycles. 

Improvement Potential

Which problems and improvements are identified within the Value Creation process? What is the rootcause for the problems and which solutions could be implemented? What is the Improvement Potential that can be achieved? And what is the investment needed for realization. In an interactive way these questions are being answered after which the improvement agenda will be defined. The Improvement Monitor is showing the complete package of the Improvements which could be achieved and monitors the actual realization.

Key questions during the ValueScan are:

  1. Does the organization do the right things?
  2. Does the organization do the things right?
  3. Does the organization manage value? And drive on results?

The result of the ValueScan is a clearly motivated detailed view on the Improvement Potential and the expected effort which will be needed to realize the improvement potential. With a split in one-time results and recurring results.