8 januari 2017


If you understand the customer value process you are able to optimize customer value!

TheValueMade approach consists of the following main steps:

Depending on the found Improvement potential the development need is being defined. ValueMade works with several techniques to transfer the Improvement potential to tangible results. All value is delivered through well executed processes. Business Process Management (BPM) is the basis for well designed value streams. ValueMade designes processes in agile Process Design Cycles, a unique ValueMade method where all design steps are being done in a complete and very efficient method. The BPM methodology is derived from years of practical experience and exists of the following 5 main steps. View, Drive, Design, Manage, Improve.

  • With the view step a thorough business model analysis is being done. External drivers define the way the organization delivers Value and needs to be organized. Osterwaldes Business Model Canvas is being used to capture these value streams. After that the process architecture is defined in line with the business model.
  • The drive step defines value chain and process ownership. Who coordinates the interdepartmental customer value flow and who steers hierarchically on the execution of the work?
  • The business modeling is done via process design cycles. Only two to four workshops will lead to a significantly improved process. Agile and result oriented. And done together with all stakeholders and therefore easily accepted as a new reality.
  • The work step is starting directly after the design phase. If a new design sounds logical, why not start working according to the new Process Design directly.
  • A well designed process needs to be managed professionally, with clear KPI’s and dashboards. And with a positive drive for continuous improvement. Instruments are developed according to the needs of both the process owner and hierarchical managers. 

Organizational DNA – it is fun to create Value together. But sometimes we lose that feeling. Together we will rediscover the passion to work on improvements and stimulate continuous improvement. We start building from the basics:

  • What is our Value Proposition? 
  • How do we add value!?
  • Why do we want this? 
  • How do we want to work together? And how do we celebrate successes and mistakes and how will this help to grow?
  • And, how can we organize that in the best way!?

From WHY to WHAT to HOW!

Depending on the improvement potential a project approach is being made. Including improvement plans and an improvement monitor. Key for success is measuring the steps towards realization. Focus on Value, Deliver Results!